Students are working on the following skills in computers:

The Basics
Turning on the computer drive (the brains of the computer.
Turning the monitor (the eyes of the computer) on and off.
Shutting down a computer drivecorrectly (not by pressing the power button!)
Opening files by double-clicking an icon representing the file.

Using ctrl (control) plus A (all) to select all text.
Changing font size and style.
De-selecting ctrl +A by pressing esc (escape) or by clicking on the page.
Un-doing a mistake by using the Edit - Undo tab.

Using the record button to record their voice.
Using the microphone correctly.
Using headphones correctly.
Performing sound checks to make sure their equipment is working properly.
Using the pause button during a recording.
Using play to listen to the quality of their recording.
Using stop when the recording is complete.

Saving and Exporting
Saving in the correct directory (under their student number) so they can retrieve the file at a later date.
Exporting and converting a file to MP3 format in the correct directory.

Changing the page layout from portrait to landscape.
Creating two columns.
Centring or justifying lines and paragraphs.

Sending print-out to the correct printer location.
Printing only one copy at a time.

Keyboard Skills
Practice on "Dance Mat" website to improve keyboarding skills.